The Real Pilgrim's And Indian's First Thanksgiving Story

The Indian's first Thanksgiving celebration or Harvest Festivals of thanks started hundreds of years or perhaps thousands of years before the 1621 Pilgrim's First Thanksgiving celebration. In fact, the First Thanksiving Celebration of 1621 adopted or emulated the Native American Harvest Festival and was perhaps one of the few times in early North American White Man's history that the Anglo Saxon man used Native American culture to contextualize God's love expressed in sharing and the giving of thanks within a Harvest Festival. Sharing food, giving thanks to a Creator, playing games, and perhaps singing and dancing were things that both the White Man and Indians could both relate to.

So where do we find the most historically accurate Pilgrim's First Thanksgiving facts and story? The real Pilgrim's and Indian's first Thanksgiving story that is the most historically accurate and non-revisionist starts in the seventh paragraph below (scroll down there if you are in a hurry to find it). But did they really have steak on the First Thanksgiving Day as suggested in the header of this web site? The answer is: YES, they had both wild venison steaks and wild turkey legs and many other foods North Americans do not eat during the modern Thanksgiving meal, but as you know the real meaning and true Spirit of Thanksgiving is much more than just eating food and watching football. It is both material and spiritual.

The reason the modern Thanksgiving features turkey instead of venison is because the commercial interests made it that way. The same thing is true of other holidays that have a meaning behind them that has been stolen from those who have a worldview created by commercialism. In fact it was the attempted genocide of the Native Americans and the alienation of them on reservations by selfish Anglo Saxon settlers or by greedy commercialistic powers in wicked fascist alliance with the U.S. Government that stamped out one of the most important ingredients that went into the First Thanksgiving which are the Native American Indians themselves located within the boundaries of the U.S. borders and the good feelings and relationships that the white man had with them during the original Thanksgiving, and could have with them now if the evil doctrine of Manifest Destiny had not been carried out.

The attempted genocide by the U.S. Federal Government of the descendants or blood brothers of the honored guests of the First Thanksgiving, who are the Natives of America that we the White man call the Indians, and placing them on reservations cut them off from co-existence with the White man and has prevented the true Spirit and meaning of the First Turkey Day from being repeated year after year in the United States. In the very last paragraph of this web page are directions for you to follow to help restore the Spirit of the original Thanksgiving celebration in your home, your church, or your community. Why just learn about the First Thanksgiving when you can create an original one yourself in your home, church or in your community with many people getting together along with Natives that you invite to what is called Restoring The Spirit Of The First Thanksgiving Project.

Here on this web page is the most accurate and non-revisionist historical account of the very First Turkey Day (and venison too) as given by the authors of the book titled The Light And The Glory. This book is available from Amazon and you can purchase it by scrolling down below and clicking on the Amazon banner found below. Now before you read the accurate historical account below about the original Thanksgiving Day and the Pilgrim's First Thanksgiving story, it is prudent to take note that the early Jamestown settlement in Virginia was founded by mostly ungodly and greedy men. They treated the Natives terribly and came to America to exploit them. Therefore, God's blessing was not with them.

In contrast, the opposite was true of the godly Pilgrims who settled later and treated the Indians with Christian charity and kindness. Therefore, what the Pilgrims sowed they also reaped in returned kindness and help from the Indians. It even seems that just like Joseph was prepared by God to help his brethern by being sold into slavery, so an English speaking Native named Squanto was prepared to help the Pilgrims. You will learn in the most accurate historical account of the First Thanksgiving in the paragraphs below that the Indians helped save the lives of the Pilgrims and taught them many things including natural medicine, how to make popcorn, how to fertilize their gardens, how to prepare food, how to fish, and many other things.

Now, onto the most accurate account of the original Thanksgiving from the book titled: The Light And The Glory. Please notice that this feeling of thanksgiving which welled up in the hearts of the Pilgrims was BECAUSE OF THE INDIANS who greatly helped them (not many people recognize this), as well as from the gratitude they had towards God who had blessed them. Now here is THE FIRST THANKGIVING STORY: "That summer of 1621 was beautiful. Much work went into the building of new dwellings, and ten men were sent north up the coast in the sailing shallop to conduct trade with the Indians. Squanto once again acted as their guide and interpreter. It was a successful trip, and that fall's harvest provided more than enough corn to see them through their second winter.

The Pilgrims were brimming over with gratitude--not only to Squanto and the Wampanoags who had been so friendly, but to their God. In Him they had trusted, and He had honored their obedience beyond their dreams. So, Governor Bradford declared a day of public Thanksgiving to be held in October. Massasoit was invited, and unexpectedly arrived a day early--with ninety Indians! Counting their numbers, the Pilgrims had to pray hard to keep from giving in to despair. To feed such a crowd would cut deeply into the food supply that was supposed to get them through the winter.

But if they had learned one thing through their travails, it was to trust God implicitly. As it turned out, the Indians were not arriving empty-handed. Massasoit had commanded his braves to hunt for the occasion, and they arrived with no less than five dressed deer, and more than a dozen fat wild turkeys! And they helped with the preparations, teaching the Pilgrim women how to make hoecakes and a tasty pudding out of cornmeal and maple syrup. Finally, they showed them an Indian delicacy: how to roast corn kernels in an earthen pot until they popped, fluffy and white--popcorn!

The Pilgrims in turn provided many vegetables from their household gardens: carrots, onions, turnips, parsnips, cucumbers, radishes, beets, and cabbages. Also, using some of their precious flour, they took summer fruits which the Indians had dried and introduced them to the likes of blueberry, apple, and cherry pie. It was all washed down with sweet wine made from the wild grapes. A joyous occasion for all!

Between meals, the Pilgrims and Indians happily competed in shooting contests with gun and bow. The Indians were especially delighted that John Alden and some of the younger men of the plantation were eager to join them in foot races and wrestling. There were even military drills staged by Captain Standish. Things went so well (and Massasoit showed no inclination to leave) that Thanksgiving Day was extended for three days.

Surely, one moment stood out in the Pilgrims' memory---William Brewster's prayer, as they began the festival. They had so much for which to thank God; for providing all their needs, even when their faith had not been up to believing that He would do so; for the lives of the departed and for taking them home to be with Him; for their friendship with the Indians--so extraordinary when settlers to the south of them had experienced the opposite; for all His remarkable providences in bringing them to this place and sustaining them."

The above accurate Pilgrim's story of the First Thanksgiving Day was taken from pages 135-136 of the book titled The Light And The Glory, authors: Peter Marshall and David Manuel - see Amazon Books icon below to order this book and learn accurate historical facts about Early America. You need to understand that powers hostile to the Christian faith who write the history books your children read in school omit historical facts and historical accounts which are important for you to read about if you want to understand the true history of America. So order the book titled: The Light And The Glory by Peter Marshall and David Manuel and learn accurate history about Early America.

It is the conclusion of the author of this web page that the Christian pilgrims who hosted the first Thanksgiving and related in a Christian manner of kindness to their honored guests the Natives of the land now called America gave an example to future Americans of how the White man and the Native Americans were to relate to one another in harmony, in kindness, in respect, and in sharing. These Christian virtues were also exemplified by the Christian Pilgrims when they honored for forty years a treaty they had with the Indians. This "treaty keeping" is also an example for White Americans who probably do not realize that the evil U.S. Federal Government's propaganda of Manifest Destiny caused the push across the continent of America that resulted in over 700 broken treaties with the Native American people. Therefore, the evil U.S. Government in sympathy with the selfish White settlers and greedy commercialistic interests betrayed our indigenous friends the Indians.

It was a misinterpretation and misapplication of Old Testament Scriptures and the formation of the doctrine of "Manifest Destiny" that also helped spread White civilization which was not in harmony with nature (God's lifestyle design) across the land now called North America instead of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ as God and New Testament teaching commands us to do. The spread of the Gospel is what God intended the White man to do in coming to the North American continent. Christian unity in diversity was God's plan for America. So what does this writer mean by unity in diversity?

This unity (Christian Whites living in harmony with Christian Natives) in diversity (Whites and Natives respecting each others customs and way of life) that God intended for the Whites and the Natives could have resulted in the Kingdom of God with love and respect and honor being spread across the continent of North America instead of the spread of destructive White civilization by greedy and godless White men with all of the environment polluting factories, health destroying pharmaceutical companies, enslaving and non-reforming prisons, destructive fiat monetary system, insatiable appetite for more and more land and natural resources to use and abuse, and so much more. Thomas Jefferson had it right when he wanted a nation of small farmers. As a nation of Christian small farmers with a very very weak federal government (or better yet, no federal government at all) people could have kept their individual sovereignty over their lives and traded with their Christian Indian neighbors who would have taught them how to live in harmony with nature instead of trampling upon and abusing nature like the greedy and selfish White man has done.

If you think White civilization has all come down from heaven with God's seal of approval upon it then think again. Would God want his creation to be trampled upon at the expense of white man's comfort? The God who allows suffering for the spiritual growth of His people would not have planned the comfortable civilization that holds the White man back from walking in God's path of suffering and self-denial which is the path that brings the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who need it the most. The Natives needed the Gospel and not betrayal from the White man. The writer of the web page you are now reading is a repentant White man who wants to see the Kingdom of God realized in power and within the context of redeemed Native life style among the Indians of North America and especially those living within the borders of the U.S.A.

So what can be done to restore the meaning of the First Thanksgiving celebration in cities, villages, and towns across the North American continent? First of all, people must be deprogrammed concerning what they have been taught in government school text books about Early American history. Start by reading The Light And The Glory and also going to David Barton's web site called Wall Builders and you will be able to read non-revisionistic history that is true and will reveal what the founders of the United States believed and how they treated the Indians and the blacks. What you find out will be different than you have been brainwashed to believe in government schools about Early American history and what is the true meaning of God's intention for Whites to come to a land occupied by Natives for hundreds and hundreds of years prior to their arrival.

You need to realize that the United States Of America could have been very different from what it turned out to be if present day Christians, like the Christian founding fathers, had kept control of the Government of the United States. Want to see how a Christian government relates to the Natives? Here you go: the Original Organic Law of Oregon's 1843 Provisional Government, Article 1, Section 3 stated: "Religion, Morality, Knowledge being necessary to the good Government & the happiness of Mankind, Schools & the means of Education shall be forever encouraged. The utmost good faith shall always be observed towards the Indians. Their lands & property shall never be taken from them without their consent, & in their property rights & liberty they shall never be invaded or disturbed, unless in just & lawful Wars authorized by the representatives of the People, but laws founded on Justice & Humanity shall from time to time be made, for preventing injustice being done to them & for preserving peace & friendship with them." This law you just read was made in the Spirit of the First Thanksgiving by the founders of Oregon who were Christians. Do you see now how the Federal Government failed because non-Christians got into places of authority that they never should have been in if Christians had been more involved in the U.S. Government? Christians are needed in both federal and state government so laws can be fashioned and implemented like the one you just read.

So how can things be turned around and made right and how can we show the American Indians that we are sorry about what was done to them? What is the best way to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them as God had intended the first White settlers do? Please go to the page on this web site that has to do with hosting a "Restoring the Spirit Of the First Thanksgiving Project" in your home or in your church or community and find out who you can invite to help you learn. By inviting local Indians to your home, church, or community Gospel Harvest Festival celebration you can show them love and then verbally share with them why you are reaching out to them in this way. You can read the account of the real Pilgrim's and Indian's First Thanksgiving story with them from your copy of the book: The Light And The Glory. You can ask their forgiveness for what the White man and the U.S. Federal Government did to the Indians and share with them what Jesus Christ means to you and how he can empower them to break out of their poverty and defeated mindset with a new life in the Spirit. You can also contribute monetarily to their needs and thereby make restitution on behalf of the White Man who in earlier days raped the life right out of the Native Americans who were the first care takers of the land now called North America. Go now to the web page on this website that is titled: Restoring The Spirit Of The First Thankgiving Project and learn what you can do to help set things right and bring the Gospel to the Native Americans in a context of concern, love and sharing. You can really and effectively implement the Spirit of the First Thanksgiving Gospel Harvest Festival in your home, church, or community. You can not share in words unless you first show them that you care through deeds.



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